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Past Newsletters

May 2014
Mitch Schneider

Call For An Appointment Today...

For a limited time only: now until September 30, 2014, we're offering you 10% Off any single or combination Fluid Exchange. That can translate into some real savings, so don't let this opportunity pass you by...,

If you have any questions about fluid exchanges: how they benefit you by reducing the overall cost of ownership or by extending component life don't hesitate to call. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about what to do and when to do it!

So, call 805.581.2340 to make an appointment today!

And, remember... This is offer ends September 30, 2014!

As Promised...

My Grandmother was a woman wise beyond her years… Not well educated in the conventional sense, she had an abundance of common sense that was rare for her time and even more rare today.

She escaped the brutality of the Cossacks, left her village just outside Odessa for the United States when she was just a child and survived the Triangle Shirt Company fire.

But, more than that, she made it as a “Single Mom” at a time when making it as a single mom was not only unheard of: it was just about impossible!

Although, she lived with our family until I was seventeen, one of my greatest regrets is that I didn’t realize just how wise she was until it was too late and she was gone. That’s the problem with losing someone like that when you’re too young to appreciate the opportunities that kind of experience and wisdom can provide.

One of her favorite expressions was, “Man plans and God laughs…”

She said it whenever my carefully considered plans would fall apart, which means she said it often and it is no less appropriate today than it was when I was a child.

One of my carefully considered plans had to do with the article on “Getting Unstuck” I promised to bring you at the end of the First Edition of our newsletter a few months ago. Originally, I envisioned bringing you this information in two or three installments over the same number of issues.

Breaking it up made perfect sense at the time. The only problem is it doesn't work… Or, at least, it didn’t work for me!

I couldn’t figure out how to break it up or where and still have it make sense.

The obvious alternative was folding the entire article into a single edition of the newsletter. But, frankly, I was afraid it might prove too intimidating for most people. The question then became a matter of what could be done to keep my promise and still provide what I think is really good information on getting unstuck and the answer was to “point” you toward another site: my personal site, containing this article along with a number of other things I’ve written as well as other articles from this and future newsletters.

So, what you will find here is a link to that site along with the the first few paragraphs of “Getting Unstuck: A Guide To Breaking The Inertia of Rest and Getting Things Done…”

I hope you find it both thought provoking as well as useful and as always, welcome your thoughts and suggestions for future articles as well as your feedback on "Getting Unstuck..."

Till then, stay well and take care…


To read more "Click" on the "On Getting Unstuck..." link below:


A Guide To Breaking The Inertia of Rest and Getting Things Done…

Sooner or later everyone gets stuck…

Some of us in an endless loop of mind numbing sameness.

We’re riding the carousel of life, but the thought of stepping off while that carousel is set in motion is terrifying.

We know that where we are is not where we’d like to be just as certainly as we know that doing the same things we’ve always done, the same way we’ve always done them, can only result in getting what we’ve always gotten.

Some of us are locked in place – frozen in time and space – afraid to move.

We know that where we are and what we’ve got isn’t working… And, yet the fear of attempting something new, stepping out of the darkness into the light, is greater than the pain we experience when we fail to act.


Latest Greatest... 

There's been a lot on the news lately about the General Motors recall (multiple recalls, actually) and rightly so. It's the largest in automotive history, figured in the tens of millions of vehicles.

To compound matters, General Motors has been joined in the quest to see who can generate the most Recalls by just about every other vehicle manufacturer on the planet! (Here are just a couple of the many sites you can visit to see how many vehicles have been affected and whether or not your vehicle may be one of those included: http://www.recalls.gov/nhtsa.html  http://autos.aol.com/info/recall/ .

To Read More... Click on the link below:

Latest Greatest... Service Notes: August 2014

Did You Know? 

 Before we begin a discussion focused on performance degradation and the consequences of worn or damaged Struts and Shocks... And, the fact that "like newperformance is dialed in at the factory for just about 50,000 miles... It might be a better idea to start with a quick explanation of just what a McPherson Strut and/or a Shock Absorber is and exactly what it is they do?

The purpose of a McPherson Strut or Shock Absorber is to control spring and/or suspension movement. In other words, the shocks and struts are there to mitigate or dampen road surface irregularities and imperfections: bumps, potholes, dips, etc. They are designed to reduce bounce, sway, roll acceleration squat or braking dip and/or dive.

To Read More... Click on the link below:

Did You Know... Service Notes: August 2014

To View the shore video... Click on the Caption just below the Onscreen Image...

Q & A: "Why Put Nitrogen in my tires?"

Remember when people used to kid around about charging you to change the air in your tires...

Well, they aren't kidding anymore. Some shops ARE charging to change the air in your tires, but they're charging to change the "fill" from regular old "air:" the atmosphere we breathe, to Nitrogen, the element that makes up more than 70% of our atmosphere.


Well, there are lots of reasons. First and foremost, Nitrogen is more stable than atmosphere. It doesn't react as violently to changes in temperature which means tire pressures don't fluctuate as much.

Nitrogen molecules are also larger which means they are less likely to leak out as a result of the natural porosity of the rubber used in most tires. That's why Nitrogen is used to fill the tires on most commercial vehicles, airline tires and the tires on military aircraft ranging from fighter jets to cargo plans.

Oh... And, did I mention that filling your tires with Nitrogen can result in as much as an 8% to 10% increase in fuel economy!!

The "Good News" is that while most other places charge for this service WE DON'T!

It's just one of the many Value Added Services we provide at NO CHARGE just to ensure we are providing you with the best service possible and your vehicle is providing you with the lowest cost of operation available anywhere.

So, call and make an appointment today and we'll be happy to change the air in your tires 
and I promise we won't charge you a penny for the service! All you have to do is let us know you're coming and then allow about 30 minutes to purge the air out of your tires while we replace it with Nitrogen.

Or, better yet, ask us to provide that service for you the next time your vehicle is in for its regularly scheduled maintenance visit.

Non-Automotive: On Getting "Unstuck" 

As you may have noticed, we made our "Non-Automotive:" article our lead and moved it up top...

Now, the question is: Do you have any suggestions for the next edition's Non-Automotive piece?

Quarterly Goodies 

This "Quarterly Goodie" is for anyone and everyone who needs or who might be thinking about an exchange of the vital hydraulic fluids that keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently regardless of the type of fluid!

Bring your car or truck in and receive 10% off one or more fluid exchange services... That includes a full and complete exchange of Transmission, Brake, Coolant and/or Power Steering Fluid utilizing the latest technology in fluid exchange equipment and products...

So, call and make an appointment today*! You're car or truck will be glad you did... And, if your vehicle is happy you're bound to be happy too! 

* Please Note: This offer is good until Sept 30, 2014

TIFN: That's It For Now 

And, finally, we'd really like to hear from you.

No... Really, we would!

After all, you are the ultimate judge when it comes to how we're doing and whether or not this newsletter is meaningful or not: whether or not it holds any real value for you... 

So, keep in touch. After all, that's the whole point of what we're doing and why we're doing it!